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CIMSIM is a didactic tool for teaching and training in the areas of Manufacturing Automation. It can be used extensively to teach and train in the areas of Enterprise Integration, Flexible Manufacturing System, Integrated Computer-Aided Manufacturing, Manufacturing Process Management, Product Lifecycle Management. By following the curriculum and practicing on this software tool extensively, the user can adapt themselves to industry-relevant shop floor practices across various manufacturing verticals. The objective of the product is to provide a platform for skilling the users in fundamental manufacturing skills and enabling them to apply those skills in the real-time industry.

User can do the following with MTAB's CIMSIM


Production Process Planning Manufacturing Concept Planning - Process planning in the shop floor layout
Factory Layout Planning & Analysis - Shop Floor Design & Layout
Design, Build & Execute complex CIM system
Work Flow Simulation Sequence generation (Automatic & Manual Sequence)
Simulate real time production planning
Ergonomic assessment of tasks & Resources
Other manufacturing features such as Generation of shop flow instructions
Manufacturing process management Communication with other systems
Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)
Product Data Management (PDM)

Online with MTAB CIM setup & Offline simulation software
Automatic safety feature for machines in online mode

Three navigation screens available to view all the devices working during runtime

Network based data transfer technology implemented for the communication of master to equipment

Animated help file to execute the software

Each machine status and individual process time is displayed at time

Estimated time allocation for each command