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We provide evaluations to ensure data-driven selection for new hires or employees adapting to redefined roles in the smart manufacturing industry. Our evaluation solution is a comprehensive tool for assessing organizational skill gaps. Whether used in hiring or transitioning staff, evaluations offer insights into strengths and weaknesses. The resulting metrics guide strategic talent placement and development decisions.

​Key Features

Comprehensive Assessments: Rigorous evaluation methods designed to test knowledge, skills, and understanding in the subject matter.

Real-Time Feedback and Guidance: Immediate insights on assessments, strengths, and areas for improvement, paired with mentors, support personalized guidance and doubt clarification.

Peer Review or Collaboration: Opportunities for collaborative evaluations or peer review foster a collaborative learning environment.

Opportunities: Upon completion of the onboarding course. Participants can engage in a project-based internship.

Our Evaluations Works For

Mechanical Engineer

Electronics Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Mechatronics Engineer



Digital Twin Engineer

Robotics Engineer

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Our Evaluations Works For



    • Target Buyer: Individuals
    • Stakeholders: students, job Seekers, freelancers, and trainers
    • Licenses (access): single evaluation available, pre-planned planned Slots
    • Key Benefit: Purchase it to practice for your interviews or apply to our internships to access it for free.
    • Add-On’s: On-Boarding Courses, Software Tools
    • Subscription: 1 Week
    • Trial: No trial is available.


    • Target Buyer: Engineering Institutions, Training Centers
    • Stakeholders: TPO, Faculty, Trainers
    • Licenses (Access): Purchase Bulk Evaluations (Minimum 20)
    • Key Benefit: Prepare your students for entry-level job roles, and the top 5% of scorers will avail themselves of our internships. Campus recruiters can also use this service to select your students. Book Dedicated Slots as per your choice.
    • Add-On’s: Software Tool Modules, On-Boarding Courses,
    • Subscription: 1 Week expires Then)
    • Trial: No trial is available.


    • Target Buyer: Small and Medium Manufacturing Industry
    • Stakeholders: hiring Managers, HR personnel, and recruiters
    • Licenses (Access): Purchase Bulk Evaluations (Minimum 20)
    • Key Benefit: Assess skills using a data-driven approach and increase the success rate of your new hires. Book Dedicated Slots as per your choice.
    • Add-On’s: Software Tool Modules, On-Boarding Courses
    • Subscription: 1 week (expires then)
    • Trial: No trial is available.
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