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    Training courses for entry-level job roles in the Smart Manufacturing hub.

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We provide onboarding Courses to ensure smooth transitions for new hires or employees adapting to redefined roles. These courses enhance proficiency, align individuals with organizational goals, and offer measurable performance metrics. Onboarding courses are available for entry-level job roles and tools in the smart manufacturing industry.

Key Features

Learning Approach:

Task-based modules for hands-on experience Interactive courses focus on workplace competencies through task-based modules with relevant tools.


A remote training program, guided by mentors, lasts 20–35 hours over five days and offers live support for a seamless learning journey.

Review Process:

Self-paced Complemented by peer-to-peer review, enabling mutual growth grading and feedback.


Upon completion of the onboarding course, Participants can engage in a project-based internship.

We Offer Courses For


CNC Engineer


PLC Engineer


Robotics Application 



Production Engineer


Maintenance Engineer


Quality Engineer


Purchase Engineer

We Offer Courses For

Tool Based

Job Role-based 



    • Target Buyer: Individual
    • Stakeholders: student, job Seeker, freelancer, consultant, trainer
    • Licenses: Solo licenses are applicable
    • Key Benefits: Prepare yourself for entry-level job roles in the smart manufacturing industry and increase your chances of clearing interviews.
    • Add-On’s: Internships, Evaluations, OEM Certifications
    • Subscription Duration: 1 Month
    • Trial: No trial is available


    • Target Buyer: Engineering and Polytechnic Colleges, Training Institutes
    • Stakeholders: TPO, Faculty, Trainer
    • Licenses: Bulk licenses are provided
    • Key Benefits: It prepares your students for entry-level job roles in the smart manufacturing industry and improves placement rates in your institution.
    • Add-On’s: Internships, Live projects, Evaluations
    • Subscription Duration: 1 Month
    • Trial: No trial is available.


    • Target Buyer: Small and Medium Smart Manufacturing Industry
    • Stakeholders: HR Manager, Recruiter, and Hiring Manager
    • License: Bulk licenses are provided
    • Key Benefits: A dedicated service for onboarding your new hires in entry-level job roles and preparing them for their roles before integrating them into the organization.
    • Add-On’s: Job Role-Based Evaluations
    • Subscription Duration: 1 Month
    • Trial: No trial is available.

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