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09.01.23 11:21 AM By Roshan

What is CNCTrain?

CNCTrain was first founded in 2011. It provides access to E-Learning content, software, internships and many more. We help in skill development. We offer content which is aligned with NEP2020 and NSQF. We also provide hybrid learning. We offer experiential learning to help students gain real time experience. We also provide access to training modules in:

  • CNCTrain

  • Robotics

  • Pneumatics

  • Hydraulics

  • Sensors

We always update our content with changing industry trends. Our vision is to provide industry based learning plans and develop talents. We have a broad range of products which includes:

  1. E-Learning Library 

  2. Practical Library 

  3. Shopfloor Library 

  4. Digitized SOP 

The E-Learning Library offers E-Learning content, FDP and many more. Practical libraries offer an extra benefit i.e. software. Shopfloor library is meant for employers to gain their skills in different technologies. We have digitized SOP to avoid time loss during defects.

Why choose CNCTrain Internships?

If you don’t have any prior experience or even have experience, you are on the right platform. We provide internships during semester breaks. Hence, there is no loss of students' academics. These internships help you to provide experiential learning. CNCTrain provides internships in 5 different and trending technologies: 

  • CNC

  • Robotics

  • Mechatronics

  • Automation

  • Industry 4.0

We offer a variety of features to boost students skills without compromising the quality of content. Some features are listed below: 

  • Remote mode of execution 

  • Executed by industrial experts 

  • Digital infrastructure 

  • Infrastructure access 

The internship will be executed in online mode. Since, we don’t like to compromise on learning for the brightest talent. Hence, we execute the internships by industrial experts. You will get access to courses, E-Learning and assessments. It will be accessible through the Learning Management System (LMS). The infrastructure access will be provided to students. It would be one to one access for every student.

CNCTrain Plans and features

We offer internships in 2 plans which include knowledge internship and standard internships. The features of the internships include: 

  • Modular Workshop Structure 

  • 1 workshop will be executed in 1 week.

  • Outcome based Learning

  • Peer to peer and instructor evaluation. 

  • Comprehensive Manufacturing Assessment based MCQ. 

  • Various Reports 

  • Digital traceable certificates

The program will be executed in a modular - workshop structure. We will execute the modules in the form of workshops. We believe in learning which provides insights about students' growth. Hence, we track students' outcomes. It helps students to analyze their strengths and weaknesses. The student will be evaluated based on 2 criteria i.e. peer to peer review and instructor evaluation. Peer to peer review helps to know what other students think about your work. With this feedback students can improve their work. They can also master it by practicing it daily. We will grade the students after the mentor has evaluated their work. We constantly help students so that they can grow and learn more. We provide a variety of reports to help institutions to analyze the students' performance. We provide grade sheets, enrollment reports, participant attendance, course completion and grading reports. Institutes can analyze the students individually and help them to improve more.

We will now talk about its plan features. There are 2 categories for this plan. The plan features are categorized as monthly and semester in both plans. Look at the below images, it will give you a better understanding.


Placement support and add-ons

We believe that hardworking and talented students are the future of industry. Hence, it is our duty to boost their preparations and make them industry ready. So, we provide placement support in terms of:

  • Online portfolio preparation 

  • Technical interview preparation 

  • Mock interviews 

  • Placement referrals 

  • Letter of recommendation 

We will guide you on how you can create a stronger and eye-catching portfolio. Freshers make many mistakes while creating one. Don’t worry we will guide you through.  If you apply for jobs, interviews would be important. If you fail, you have to look for other opportunities. To avoid such cases it's very important you are prepared well and from the start. You will be prepared with a technical interview. To boost your preparation we provide mock interviews. Students' referral will be given to companies. This will increase the chance of employability. Good performers will be offered a letter of recommendation. It would help students for their future. 


  • Blog writing 

  • Training from Mentors

  • Team management, assessment and reporting

  • Learning material 

It is extremely important to practice writing blogs. It is a backbone of content writers. It can also help you improve your research ability. We will provide guidance and training to the mentor. So that they can execute this internship successfully. We will also provide learning materials to students so that they can learn.



CNCTrain provides internships based on 2 plans, mainly Standard and Knowledge based. Benefits include:

  • Executed by industrial experts 

  • Standard and Knowledge certificate

  • Letter of recommendation

  • Placement support

  • Learning material

  • Outcome based learning

  • Mock interviews

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