CNC(Computer numerical control)

30.08.22 12:20 PM By Sumit Kumar

What will happen when we control machine tools using a computer? Did you ever imagine? The simple answer to these questions is our work has become easy in the manufacturing and assembly with Zero Defects, efficient Production, Personal Safety, reduction in Energy Consumption, and Lower Production Costs. That's why we use CNC. CNC means Computerised Numerical Control(Computer + Numerical Control). CNC machine tools have revolutionized manufacturing because they are operated by computers, not people. CNC is a way of controlling how machine tools operate using a computer. It is a technique for automating machine tool control that employs software installed on a microcomputer connected to the tool. It is frequently employed in manufacturing to machine parts made of metal and plastic.

About CNC

CNC refer to control of a machine or a process using symbolic codes consisting of characters and numerals .The numerical control system known as computer numerical control (CNC) uses a dedicated computer that is integrated into the control to carry out both simple and complex NC functions. Because the majority of their control functions are implemented by the control software programmes, CNC controls are also known as soft wired NC systems. CNC is a computer assisted process to control general purpose machines from instructions generated by a processor and stored in a memory system. 

Advantages of CNC systems

Some Advantages of CNC are:

  • Except for the occasional requirement for maintenance, CNC machines can be operated continuously.

  • These machines require less skilled people to operate, unlike manual lathes/milling machines etc.

  • CNC machines can be updated by improving the software used to drive the machines.

  • Training for the use of CNC machines can be done through the use of “virtual software”.

  • The manufacturing process can be simulated virtually and there is no need to make a prototype or a model. This saves time and money.

  • Once programmed, these machines can be left and do not require any human intervention, except for work loading and unloading.

  • These machines can manufacture several components to the required accuracy without any fatigue as in the case of manually operated machines.

  • Savings in time that could be achieved with the CNC machines are quite significant.

Advantages of CNC systems over manual methods of production

  •  Better control of the tool motion under optimum cutting conditions.

  • Improved part quality and repeatability.

  • Reduced tooling costs, tool wear, and job setup time.

  • Reduced time to manufacture parts. 

  • Reduced scrap.

  • Better production planning and placement of machining operations in the hand of engineering.

 Why is CNC Machining necessary

  • To manufacturing complex curved geometries in 2D and 3D was costly by mechanical means (which usually would require complex jig to control the cutter motion).

  • Machining components with high repeatability and precision.

  • Unmanned machining operations.

  • To improve production planning and to increase productivity.

  • To survive in global market CNC machine are must to achieve close tolerances



As we discuss in this blog there are many advantages of CNC machine. If you are a mechanical engineer and you working in a mechanical and manufacturing industry CNC system make your work easy. It saves your time, Increase productivity, and increases accuracy. If you want to learn more about CNC abhyaz offers training on CNC which will help you in your job. Abhyaz offers a skill development program as well as an internship program where you can obtain more hands-on experience.


Q1.What is the full form of CNC ?

Ans.The full form o CNC is "computer numerical control".

Q2.What is CNC engineering?

Ans.High-quality components are produced using CNC machining, a manufacturing method that makes use of CAD and subtractive machining technologies.

Q3.Is CNC a good career?

Ans.The best job you've never heard of is CNC machining. It offers intriguing work, good long-term employment prospects, and good income.

Q4.What is G code in CNC?

Ans.The most popular programming language for computer numerical control (CNC) in computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) is called G-code (also known as RS-274).

Q4. Does the Abhyaz platform provide training for digital manufacturing tools?

Ans.Yes, Abhyaz provides training as well as internships to obtain more experience.To join as an intern visit and you can apply there.