My Internship Experience

03.03.23 09:32 AM By Sanjo


This side Sanjo saju. I was a mechanical engineer intern for the past three months. I am extremely happy to be a part of this organisation just because of gaining more knowledge in my workplace. The support and guidance given by my mentor are immensely great. The remote mode functionality in this internship gave me a fantastic virtual reality office feel. 

How does this Internship help me improve?

As a mechanical engineer, I worked with a variety of software, including Fusion 360, Autodesk Inventor, Ansys Workbench R1, MATLAB and MATLAB sub-division Simscape. I also have worked on the Standard operating procedure of CNC machines. Furthermore, I have worked on the making course of Naan Mudhalvan course templates which includes developing skills in CNC Machine operation, machining processes, Cutting Tool & Work-Holding nomenclature, offset procedure, and Programming for various turning and milling components. In addition to it, this internship also helped me to increase my computer technical skills such as creating a professional h5p tool, creating templates for courses in Moodle platform, adding various types of quiz formats as well as assigning tasks to help the students to understand the course better. The e-learning content given by the mentors gave me a proper explanation of how to plan my process correctly. The problems I faced while assessing the open-source software were immense. My main issue was determining when the sketches in Autodesk Inventor were fully constrained. It frequently fails to function properly when rendering the designed portion of the sketches. As a result, the mentors advise focusing on the bottom of the screen. If the sketch is properly constrained, the figure will be labelled 'fully constrained' at the bottom of the screen. They also instructed me to use the auto-dimension dialogue box to drag a selection window around my sketch and then click to select it. The mentors' advice while creating an e-learning course content was critical for me to make the template more interesting while also saving time. This internship was critical for me to expand my knowledge.

About the Mentor & Team:

In the engineering team, my mentors are Jayanthi mam, Tamizh sir and Dinesh sir. They guide me throughout the course. Even if it was a simple error, they would guide me with not even being angry with me. My fellow interns also help me a lot. Working with them is thus a pleasant experience.

About Internship:

It is a remote internship, and working in this internship is simple. You can choose this internship if you want to start your career. It will broaden your experience, abilities, and knowledge. Here you can take a list of open-source software provided by the mentor and work on it


Working at this Internship helped me grow as a person while also improving my technical and communication skills. I'd like to thank all the leaders and members for making it such a memorable and educational experience for me. The mentors helped me not only gain some experience but also showed me an insider view of how things are really done and expected at a higher level. Not only did I make new networking connections, but I now have a group of supporting people to reach out to for help.

I recommend anyone who is looking for an internship to go for it. Don’t be afraid to apply and reach out. The worst answer you might get is no, but you won’t know unless you give it a try.