Arc Welding Using CNC Machine
Computer Numerical Control abbreviated as CNC machine. A CNC machine is basically a mechanical robot, controlled using a computer program. The CNC machining is a subtractive process. These machines provide a great deal of convenience in modern-day industries as they significantly increase the p...
Butt Joint Welding Robot Programming :

Butt joint welding refers to a type of welding in which two metal pieces / parts / strips are joined together using welding. In this welding method, the edges of the metal pieces are brought into close contact, and heat is applied to melt the edges. A filler material may be added to reinforce the jo...

Creation of Arc Welding Robots Workstation with RobotStudio
This blog explores the complex process of using Robot Studio software to configure robotic welding workstations, emphasizing how this software improves weld quality and productivity.
Mastering in Tool Center Point (TCP) Creation for Arc Welding Torch Robotics with CNCTRAIN from MTAB Technologies Center Pvt Limited
The creation of Tool Center Point (TCP) for arc welding torch robots is covered in this blog, with an emphasis on the process' significance for robotic welding applications. We provide extensive training and simulation tools to improve technical abilities in CNC, robotics, and simulation.
Collaborative Pathways: Smart Manufacturing Skill Hub and Transformative Reforms in Higher Education Assessment
Explore Collaborative Pathways and transformative reforms in higher education assessment, bridging the gap between Smart Manufacturing Skill Hub and student learning outcomes.
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